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About King of the Pack

King of the Pack was formally known as King of Tobacco was started in 1995 by Charlie Soud and quickly progressed to eight stores by the end of the year. The majority of members consisted of family, friends and associates.

In July 2005, a change of name to King of the Pack was implemented. The growth of the group has been based mainly around the strong personal attributes of Charlie in obtaining assistance from third party suppliers and in making each business a success.
So who are King of the pack?

Charlie Soud - Managing Director
1982 Started retailing in mixed business/tobacconist, in Chester Hill
1989 Westfield Shopping Centre as Division Manager for 4 years in Grace Brothers
1973 With Rothmans Australia as Team Leader in Production
1989 Opened Blacktown store
2005 Franchised business, with a change in name to King of the Pack and membership growing.

Lucy Soud Business & Operations Manager
1999 Completed High School
2000-2005 Completed University with a double degree in Economics (Human Resources and Industrial Relations) BEc and Accounting (Commerce) BAcc
2001-2003 National Australia Bank
2001-2005 Tutored Economics at the University of Western Sydney
March 2006 Joined King of the Pack as Operations Manager

Janine Smith Office Administrator
From 1989-1998 Mrs Smith worked as a Retail Store Manager for Goldmark Jewellers at many different Sydney locations. In 1998 she began working for Westpac Banking Corporation as a Call Centre Team Leader and in 2004 became a Compliance Analyst until 2006. She then worked for DHL Exel Supply Chain as the Quality Assurance Administrator from 2006-2008. In February 2009 she joined King of the Pack as Office Administrator.

Our Vision
To be a professional specialist franchise group that can deliver
  • Professional service
  • Full product range
  • Product knowledge
Through education that will provide increased retailer attitude and consistent store presentation that will benefit/increase the core business focus: tobacco.

The King of the Pack franchise is looking to formulate a professional group of Franchisees that are easily recognisable within the market place, that offer consistency in appearance, product knowledge and support.

King of the Pack
This purpose of this site is for existing and prospective franchisees and in no way promotes smoking or tobacco products.
For more information on the health issues of smoking, you can visit the Health Department's Website.
Copyright 2005 King of the Pack Pty Ltd.

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